Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

A Smooth Path to the Commercial Property of Your Dreams

One of the most common ambitions of small business owners is to get an attractive commercial property. In addition to providing benefits such as freedom and flexibility when you own a business property, this smart investment can also save you money. With our team by your side, reaching the goal of ownership is easier than you may think. How does stated income commercial real estate financing work?

Why Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans Are Excellent for Small Businesses

Stated income loans are a type of alternative financing. They focus exclusively on commercial real estate purchases. Compared to traditional mortgages, stated income financing offers several advantages:

  • Lower credit requirements: Unlike bank loans, stated-income financing doesn’t require good or excellent credit ratings for qualification.
  • Simpler application process: There’s no need to submit piles of financial documents with a stated-income loan, only estimates and basic property information.
  • More flexible terms: Stated-income loans are the opposite of rigid, helping you get the property you want, in the location you want, with the terms you prefer.

Another advantage is the speed of loan approval and financing. The process usually only takes a few weeks from start to finish. That way, you spend less time with paperwork and more time getting settled into your new location.

What Types of Property Goals Do Stated-Income Loans Support?

A common question related to this type of financing is whether you can use the funds to improve an existing property. Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Stated income commercial real estate loans can support:

  • Real estate purchases
  • Property expansion
  • Remodeling projects
  • Interior and exterior changes

Whether you want to renovate a property as part of the purchase or remodel a business property that you already own, our stated-income financing can be a fantastic tool.

How Can You Get Started?

We know that you probably still have questions about the process, and we’re happy to explain everything in detail. Contact us right away to learn more.