Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing That Is Easy To Understand

If you’re the type of business owner who prefers the destination more than the journey, you’ll love our equipment financing options. At Pursuit Commercial Finance, we don’t waste your time. Instead of complicated forms and countless requirements, we keep things simple. Our goal is to help you find the right equipment loan or lease quickly and efficiently.

A Clear Road to Equipment Financing

Getting started with our equipment loans is a breeze. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Equipment for any type of business: We support construction companies, farmers, manufacturers, janitorial businesses, transportation companies and countless other industries.
  • Fast approval: Many loan applications only take 24 hours. Financing for large-ticket items is generally ready to go in five days or less.
  • Simple applications: For the majority of our equipment loans, no financial statement is necessary — even for small businesses.
  • Accessible credit requirements: We work with a variety of companies, including businesses with past credit problems or poor credit ratings.
  • Trustworthy information: Our team is happy to answer the questions or concerns you may have, explaining any terms you don’t understand.

With these features, it’s not surprising that we have such a great reputation with our clients. Small business owners see us more as a financing partner than a traditional lender.

The Flexibility Your Business Needs

No two businesses are exactly alike when it comes to available capital, cash flow or customer needs. That’s why it’s important to have equipment leasing or loan options that adapt to your company’s circumstances rather than the other way around.

We give you significant freedom to customize:

  • Interest rates
  • Down payments
  • Size of monthly payments
  • Loan and lease terms
  • Payment schedules

Choosing the right combination of factors makes things significantly easier for your business. We can help you get monthly payments that preserve your working capital or interest rates that save you a lot of money.

A Complete Range of Equipment Leasing and Loans

Your business deserves to have high-quality equipment. Contact us today to see the full range of financing options available.