Franchise Financing

Get Started as a Business Owner With Franchise Financing

Many industries have companies that function as franchise businesses. Whether you are interested in owning and running a restaurant, hotel or retail location, buying into a franchise gives you an opportunity to enter the business world with an established company that already has a loyal customer base. Franchise financing from Pursuit Commercial Finance can help you get started as a business owner.

How To Use a Franchise Loan

Franchise loans are versatile and can be used in any way that will help you accomplish your end goal of running and operating a franchise location. You may use the funds to buy a location, renovate property, remodel an existing building or purchase additional franchise locations.

What To Expect From a Franchise Loan

We offer both new and experienced franchise owners competitive terms to help them accomplish their business goals. Our loans:

  • Come with interest rates starting at 6%
  • Feature 25-year loan periods
  • Have no pre-pament penalties
  • Come with LTV rates of up to 90%
  • Have a quick prequalification process
  • Deliver funds quickly

Apply for a Franchise Loan Today

If you want to be a business owner, buying into a franchise company is one of the best ways to get started. Obtaining franchise financing from Pursuit Commercial Finance can help you achieve your goals.